March 19, 2011

Tea-time dimsum and steamed pot rice

There's a cha chan teng (茶餐廳) [literally, "tea restaurant" but it means more of a Hong Kong-style diner or casual restaurant] near where I get off the bus in Wanchai. It's down an alley by an outdoor street market. It serves nothing but dim sum and steamed pot rice all day. It's a little family-run shop with simple tables and stools. The choices are listed on posters on the wall. There's a takeout counter at the entrance serving steamed buns and sticky glutinous rice with Chinese sausage.

During tea-time, they have tea sets. I ordered the steamed chicken pot rice, braised chicken feet and a hot lemon tea, all for HK$28 (about US$3.60).

This was a great find for me, because I love steamed pot rice (other versions include pork spare rib, egg and minced beef, fish, etc.).

Why I will be going back:
  • All day dim sum and steamed rice!
  • The people are quite friendly (at least during the afternoon tea period when it's not so busy)
  • It's not the best dim sum and rice I've ever had, but it is a decent choice in the area and really cheap, making it good value for the price

Kam Fai Dim Sum Restaurant
G/F, 49 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai


  1. Ugh. Now I'm really hungry for dim sum and there are no places within 150 miles of me that would satisfy my hunger.

  2. I love dim sum! That's one thing I would really miss from Hong Kong. The only place where I've had really good dim sum outside HK/China has been Vancouver. Dimsum in Chinatown in NYC or London isn't that good and is too overpriced.

  3. i wish we had all-day dim sum here~ maybe i should pitch that idea to someone. haha.

    (stalking you in various places around the interwebs~ ^_~)