September 16, 2009

Grilled Pineapple with cinnamon and honey

A farewell to the summer of 2009. What a summer it's been, with junk (aka boat) trips, BBQs (indoor and outdoor), several beach trips, a road trip in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and last but most importantly, a lot of lovely warm sunny days spent outdoors.

On Monday there was a typhoon that swept through Hong Kong, shutting down offices and schools. I got off work early, and bought a pineapple at the supermarket below my house. It was the very first time that I had ever bought a whole pineapple in my life. I think it was a momentous occasion! :p

This is a very simple and popular recipe that was inspired by License to Grill with Robert Rainford on the Asian Food Channel.

Grilled Pineapples
  • Fresh whole pineapple (skin removed, cored and cut into large slices)
  • Honey (or you could use brown sugar or other sugar if you prefer)
  • Cinnamon (though I suppose you could also add other spices such as ginger, nutmeg, etc but I like to keep it simple)
  1. Set the oven to its highest setting (grill).
  2. Place pineapple chunks/slices onto a roasting tray (as if you were roasting potatoes: don't overlap the slices)
  3. Drizzle honey all over; turn to coat.
  4. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and use a wooden spoon or other utensil to flip the pineapple over so both sides have a good honey and cinnamon coating.
  5. Place in oven. Check occasionally, it should take about 20 minutes for the pineapple to go golden and bubbly. Don't worry if there are some black "burnt" bits on the edges where the sugar has caramelized -- it will be nicely sweet and crunchy!
  6. When the pineapple is golden brown, with a few dark edges, taken them out of the oven to cool slightly.
  7. Eat as is (don't burn your tongue!) or with vanilla ice cream.



  1. It was really great -- I think that the heat brought out another level of sweetness and depth to the pineapple. I can't believe I hadn't ever got the nerve to use pineapple before, I was always intimidated by all those leaves and skin.. :)